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Looking through the hundreds of tweets tonight, all with the hashtag #WhyIMarch. A few read…
“This is what a feminist looks like. #WhyIMarch” “Feminist as F$#K. #WhyIMarch” “The Future is Feminist #WhyIMarch” “Gay Power Women Power #WhyIMarch” “Today I am celebrating the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. This is why I march.”
These tweets came in just a few hours after I sat in a Sunday school room for a women’s ministry meeting. We met to pray over our upcoming Bible study for the women of our church. As I sat there, I looked around the table at 10 women, different women, women that the world would call “old thinkers”, “traditional” maybe even “outdated”. They are in sole opposition to the women in our culture’s streets. 
I see a woman to my left who could be haunted by mistakes from her past, yet she sits at this round table, head humbly held with a heavenly confidence. Her posture is one of refined modesty and grace. That graciousness floods out of her and onto so many other women. She…