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For the Kingdom Belongs to Such as These

The kingdom belongs to such as these. My kid is 3 ½ and he loves music. I mean, he really loves music. Right now, peeking into his playroom, he has 2 ukeleles, 1 acoustic guitar, 1 electric guitar, a piano, a keyboard, a drum set and a percussion set. You would think he would get tired of it, but nope…around our house the theme is consistently, “Keep Calm and Play Music”. That is what he does.

At Christmas 2 years ago, my sweet parents had driven 3 hours from their home to have Christmas up in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with all of us. My brother, sister in law and I live near each other, so we had all gathered together at my brother’s house to celebrate Christmas. My parents, as generous as they are, had brought many different presents for Wes to open on Christmas Eve. Everyone had their presents lined up in front of them. As we began taking turns opening them one at a time, Wesley had his turn. He opened up his first present to find a large fire truck puzzle. He looked straight at…