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Breaking Crayons and a Teacher's Grace

Dear Mrs. Stewart,
You came to me after school today to talk to me about Wes. You said you walked over to him and asked him some questions about the book he had just read. His response was upset and he began to break his crayon, seeming frustrated.
You did not yell at him.
You did not get angry with him.
You did not sit him in time-out in a corner of the room.
Instead, you talked with him. You asked him why he was feeling frustrated. He responded with various comments.
You responded with, “Do you feel like you have too much on you right now? Maybe you are feeling a little overwhelmed?” He replied, “Yes, just a lot of things.”
Then you stopped. You stopped what you were doing, stopped to listen to a six-year-old’s frustration. You considered his upset worthy of your attention.
By doing this, you gave him tangible empathy. You gave my child your compassion. The rest of the class was working and being a teacher, I know you had other things to do, as teachers pretty much multi-task all…