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"I Love You God"

As the Women’s Director at my church, there are seasons of calm, but also seasons of busyness. I am currently in a season of busy, which sometimes, as in this case, can turn into a few days of stress. When stressed out, I tend to clean because while I might not be able to control the situation, I can control the dishes. I can at least move them from the hot soapy water of the sink into the dishwasher and then turn it on. I can sweep and mop and turn the kitchen into a sparkly, shiny area, while my stressed out situation is not so sparkly and shiny.
The other day, I was in “cleaning mode” and had told my 3 ½ year old son, Wesley, that he could go outside onto the patio to wait for his grilled cheese sandwich. I left the kitchen sliding glass door open to the patio, so I could keep a faint eye on him and also hear him if he called me. While waiting for his grilled cheese to bake in the oven, I was vigorously scrubbing the dried pizza and crusty pasta off our plates in the sink from th…