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Post Disclaimer: I don’t usually write about money. Actually, I’ve never written about anything financial. I understand that money is a private subject for most people, as it is for me. God though, has done so much for us this year that I really felt the need to write about it...yes, to write about money.
To give you a little background…Six years ago, I resigned from teaching and felt called to go into a consulting position so I could be home with my son. I remember thinking,
“Okay Lord, I am taking a huge leap of faith financially because I have NO IDEA how much money I am going to make.”
He always took care of us by providing plenty of clients for me. In fact, I really only had to work 3-4 days each month and I could be home with Wes the rest of the time. Not a day goes by that I don’t thank Him for that time.
Six years later, last summer, my son was headed to kindergarten, so I began praying about teaching again. I applied and interviewed at a private Christian school and when th…