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Wesley and Joseph

I’ve said before that I really believe God gives us small moments in order to remember His promises. Yes, I also believe in miracles, but in my own life, I have experienced the quiet whisper much more than the parting of any seas.
I’ve written before that Wes has been having to go door to door each Saturday and then to Jehovah’s Witnesses meetings each Sunday for several hours. Even as I write this, I am sitting in Colorado Springs among gorgeous mountains in a tiny wooden cabin. The air smells refreshingly different, the trees stand a little taller and I find myself appreciating God’s desire to change things up in various parts of the world. I love this place, but even as I write this, prepared to be home on Thursday…Wesley’s dad has already told me that Wes will be spending his whole weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at a Jehovah’s Witness Assembly. Granted, his dad only gets the day time hours so I will see Wes each evening, but that means less play time, less time outside and…