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Valentine's Day Party Fail

There are days that the only thing to do is to call a friend and laugh your way through it. Thank you Mom, for being my laughter today as I was filled with #momfails and it’s only 11:30 am.

First of all, I get up this morning and realize that my only success for the Valentine’s Day party was that I had purchased the box of Star Wars Valentine’s cards yesterday at Target. I hadn’t even begun to do them. I took them out at breakfast and was scrambling to tear them at the perforated edge without tearing the actual card. Who designs these things? I’m on the third or fourth one when I see these little things that look like stickers, but then I see that they are tattoos and there are these teeny tiny slits in the cards that these teeny tiny tattoos are supposed to fit into. Really? I quit. I put them all down because, at this point, we are already going to be 15 minutes late to school.  This is officially mom fail #1.

We arrive at school and I see these sweet other moms gathered around the door chatting and they’ve got these adorable boxes in hand and I realize, “Oh geez, I didn’t even think about your Valentine box for the valentines you’ll receive.” I look at Wes and say, “Hey man, listen, I’m going to head home and get your valentines and your valentine box and I’ll bring them to school later, okay?” He looks at me with this sad look and says, “Are the other moms bringing them later too?” Knife. In. Heart. Mom fail #2.

I head to Target where I intend to buy a valentine box and nope, apparently there are none to purchase. Am I the only one that thinks there is market out there for this type of thing? C’mon people. There are moms that just want to buy the valentine box. I love being crafty, but it is just not my gift. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not downing myself…I know my gifts… I can give my kid a really good speech on why we believe the way we believe. I am pretty good at teaching him how to use his words and I can hold my own when he has a fit. This pinterest mess though, I just don’t do it well. I also must admit I am that personality type that if I can’t do it perfectly, I don’t want to do it at all. So when it comes to these things, I must unconsciously block it out because I don’t want to fail at it. So anyway, I’m at Target searching for a really cool boy valentine box and there is nothing! I head home empty handed. Mom fail #3.

I get home and decide to use some storm trooper wrapping paper around a cereal box.  I print off a picture of Star Wars and tape it to the back. Done. Not bad. Whew. I made it back to his school (1 hour before the party starts at lunch) and I pull him out of class and say, “Hey Wes! Look here. I’ve got you a Star Wars Valentine box to collect your Valentines. Here are the Valentine cards for your friends here and here are two bags for your teachers.” I open the door for him to go back to class and as I am shutting the door, the class is quiet as the teachers are teaching and I hear him YELL, “Hey everyone! I’ve got my Valentine’s now! I’ve got them!” Wah wah. He might as well have just walked into his classroom and said, “Hey everyone! My mom is the mom that brings in my assignment 1 hour before the party! Cool huh?!?!” Mom fail #4.

Mom fail #5 might be the ridiculousness of guilty thoughts like, “My kid won’t ever have a memory of making his 4 year old valentine box. Such a loss. And what if he doesn’t learn how to give because he didn’t spend the time making the valentines?” … and so forth. Such is a mom’s thought life.

Welp, that sums up our morning. Let’s hope for an uneventful afternoon.

So moms, when you feel like you're the only one that fails, rest assured, I am here and will keep you company. I'm certainly glad that God extends His grace!


  1. Ha ha - I'm laughing because for the first time ever, I'm right there with you! I bought Wrenn some Paw Patrol Valentines (because let's face it, 2-year-olds would much rather have Paw Patrol than something homemade by me) and just realized I have to insert a sucker into each one and then sign her name. But the problem is, I'd rather clip my toenails than assemble a bunch of Valentines, so I've put it off until tonight... the night before. But thankfully, her little class made their own boxes yesterday at school, so at least I'm off the hook for that.

    1. YES! I am so glad you "get me" Bethe. Haha! Enjoy your night. :)

  2. I love your stories - you might fail at a few things but Wes is a very lucky boy to have you if you need creative help give me a call - I can mentor you I. That area and you can lift my spirits with your beautiful spirit. Big hug!

    1. June, thank you my good friend. Big hug back to you. 💚


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